The transition to a new economy – an economy which is climate neutral and circular – is going too slowly. This won’t happen on it’s own, we have to take action.

The new business calendar 2019 of MVO Nederland leads companies through the fastest route to this new economy. FBBasic, partner of Cirmar, has contributed to this businessagenda. Also the C_applications will be showcased. Read the 7 areas where a breaktrough is needed the most below or follow the link to download the full calendar.

New wealth – We all know that money doesn’t buy happiness. Yet our whole economic system is focused on financial profit. Nowadays positive social impact is of equal importance with financial growth!

Free does not exist – Count ‘Real’ prices for goods and services! If you are polluting, you should pay more. It paysoff to produce clean. The polutter should pay!

Factory seeks fans – Labels and audits have brought us many things, but we still aren’t where we want to be. Fair chains, without any abuses in factories and on plantations. To reach that goal we should approach the working conditions in the whole chain very closely!

Differences you should want – If you take a look around , you will notice that society is a mix of very different types. Therefore it is strange that an average management team has more male than female managers. In the new economy this will be different.

The Netherlands World Champion Green Energy – In The Netherlands we are running behind with the energy transition. The goals are very high and at this pace we aren’t going to reach it. Something must happen, very soon!

A twittering Spring – What the extinction of the dunes in the Netherlands have to do with your business? Way more than you would think! Awareness around this theme is needed!

Pass the raw material¬†– It seems so simple. The stuff someone doesn’t need anymore, could be sold to someone else so that they could reuse it. The B2B market for materials is another story. Yet it might become possible!

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