The collaboration between Van den IJssel Bedrijfskleding and Cirmar will be continued! Van den Ijssel has started the implementation of the Cirmar product C_dashboard®.

With this dashboard they can report on sustainability goals, KPIs and even make a link to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Frans Beckers: “It’s time for action! This addition, to their circular philosophy, is a visible next step.’’

Van den IJssel has been specialized in corporate clothing for years and are sustainabile focussed. For example, they have already started introducing their own circular clothing line and three years ago they started reverse logistics (from COFA), so that used company clothing can be reused.

Marian van den IJssel: “For some time we have been testing how to implement material conservation and strengthen the environment in a concrete and practical way.’’ By using the C_dashboard® it becomes clear what the positive effect is of what we DO!’’ The information from the dashboard is also shared with our partners so that they know what their sustainable impact is.

Cirmar is excited to support Van den IJssel Bedrijfskleding in the transition to a (full) circular existence.

About Cirmar
Cirmar creates IT applications that help accelerate the transition to a circular economy in practice. Cirmar provides integrated solutions to identify your products, components and raw materials and to follow them in the usage cycle. A circular system also requires a return order, which Cirmar can also take care of. In addition, C Dashboard® demonstrates the positive impact of circular and sustainability objectives for internal and external stakeholders.

About Van den IJssel Bedrijfskleding
Van den IJssel Bedrijfskleding is a specialist in industrial clothing, safety shoes and personal protective equipment for all branches. Their method is characterized by a combination of professionalism and personal attention. The people at Van den IJssel have an eye for the society.They translate developments in technology, society and the environment into opportunities for employees and customers. The ambition is great: growth in size and quality through beautiful collaborations and permanent innovation. We believe in fair growth. For more information: