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Destination: circular economy.
We are on our way!

We know where we want to go. The circular economy is the future. To get there, we need to take concrete steps. We are happy to take you through the developments at governments, in the market and, of course: at Cirmar itself.

digital product passport

Material value - record it!

Materials are worth their weight in gold. Record what your products are made of and make sure you can recover materials after use. By doing so, you save CO2 emissions, but at least as important: you retain the value of your materials. There are no better arguments for making circular choices.

Compliance: we've got this.

Circularity, sustainability, reducing emissions. Above all, you want to know what you really need to comply with. That is why we keep a close eye on legislation. So you can rest assured that by using C_passport®, you comply with European legislation. Additionally, you can use the digital product passport as input for your CRSD reporting.

Show your impact!

You want to be honest. It helps if you can easily calculate your impact. In C_passport®, you easily calculate the impact of your products expressed in water consumption, CO2, energy and materials saved. An honest story – calculated by us, told by you.