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Sustainable cleaning products

Alpheios offers ready-to-use cleaning solutions for challenging situations with a wide range of products. The company has developed two sustainable cleaning product lines; Vive® and Triple-T, both certified by Ecolabel and Cradle to Cradle® (Gold). These cleaning solutions are biodegradable and produced with 100% renewable energy. FBBasic/Cirmar started working with Alpheios in 2013 with the goal to create products that are more sustainable by doing extensive research on cleaning products, methods and possibilities. All the ecological products of Alpheios have a C_passport® containing material composition and C_dashboard® is used to calculate impact on product combinations that can be created and shared with customers on the fly.

Sustainable cleaning solutions created by Alpheios, with the help of Cirmar

  • Sustainability as focus point amongst five themes
  • Sustainable products, certified by Ecolabel and Cradle to Cradle® (Gold)
  • Transparency and progress with the use of Cirmar tech tools

Straightforward cleaning products

Recyclable product packaging and biodegradable solutions

Alpheios Vive® products come in a regular variant for daily cleaning and strong variant for more challenging situations that need extensive cleaning. For all products passports have been made for packaging and cleaning solutions seperately so Alpheios is able to specify impact data on the content of the bottles as well as the packaging.

Body and cap

Both the body and cap of Vive® and Triple-T products are designed to avoid plastic blends to enhance sorting and recycling possibilities.

Biodegradable Solutions

The contents of the cleaning products are designed for maximum efficiency, are biodegradable and Ecolabel + Cradle to Cradle (Gold) certified.

Cleaning challenges by theme

To provide their customers with a solution for every cleaning challenge Alpheios chose to work with five themes: Sustainability, Vitality, Hygiene, Experience and Efficiency. Cirmar assists Alpheios on the leading theme of sustainability. Alpheios designed the most ecologically responsible cleaning method that demonstrably makes a positive contribution. Besides these developed methods passports were created for every Vive® and Triple-T product showing transparant material composition and impact data. With the help of C_passport® and C_dashboard® Alpheios holds a goal that is common to Cirmars: a transition to a positive footprint and circular products.

An ongoing transition to circular

The development of a cleaning product and method plus the creation of passports are the first but very important steps towards a fully circular Alpheios cleaning concept. Alpheios continues to invest in the future and is working with FBBasic/Cirmar to develop a system for the reuse and or recycling of used cleaning bottles. In this process a lot of topics have to be tackled, but with the help of proper identification and specification in C_passport® and planning, monitoring and communication through C_dasboard® Alpheios is able to safeguard their transition towards circular while contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals along the way.

Cleaning method is a first step
The development of an ecologically responsible cleaning method that demonstrably makes a positive contribution is a first step.
The use of C_passport® by Alpheios
Product composition and impact data in C_passport® are being used to accelerate the transition to fully circular.
C_dashboard® to share tailored solutions
Monitoring and communication in C_dashboard® to help Alpheios present on the fly product combinations to their customers.
Sustainable Development Goals
KPIs in C_passport® and C_dashboard® show the contribution to achieving the three SDGs selected by Alpheios.

Birgitte Engelen - Alpheios

Proposition Manager Marketing & Innovation

Within the framework of our Project Planet, Alpheios continuously works towards sustainable and circular products and concepts. By using Cirmar we identify and specify our products, the packaging and its impact. Consequently, we are able to plan, monitor, report and communicate progress in our journey as well as our contribution to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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