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Circulair building and furnishing of retail shop

On September 7, together with and on behalf of our partner RBM RetailEFMI and about 25 independent food-retail entrepreneurs, we were allowed to discuss the circular construction and furnishing of retail stores. Why, how and what, pitfalls and traps, opportunities, value creation, as well as the need for direction and digitization were all discussed.

Tijn Leussink of Leussink Retail Groep shared his experiences about the construction of their sustainable store in Goor; Laurens Sloot of EFMI showed the challenges of sustainability in the food chain.

Based on the idea “no circular product without a circular system!” we showed that direction – by RBM Retail – is also essential for projects like this, from design to end-of-use and that you can retain value and quality with C_passport® from Cirmar.

A beautiful afternoon, with a lot of discussion, food for thought and, above all, concrete follow-up steps. Puzzles pieces fitting together…

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