Create a detailed step-by-step understanding of the product structure, assembly and next use of your products. Add instructions on reverse logistics, dismantling and recycling. Maintain quality and value in one system.

  • Calculate impact automatically
  • Comply with legistlation
  • Realise circular ambitions
  • Gain insights into materials use
  • Layered product assembly

    Record the structure of products in a passport with multiple layers: (end) products, components and (secondary) raw materials.
  • Information for the entire supply chain

    Define use period, reverse logistics, refurbishment and recycling options, next use applications and more.
  • Automatically calculated impact data

    CO2 emissions, water and electricity consumption and raw materials saved. Cirmar does the math.

Straightforward or complex.
The digital product passport fits every product.

The digital product passport fits any material or product. Determine within C_passport® whether it is a component, product or end product. This way, you keep track of the composition and construction of your product. To make passports for your products and materials, you need to know what they are made of. Don't have all the knowledge, but still want to get started? Then fill in what you know. The digital product passport is a living document. Add information when you get around to it.

What does it cost?