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Circular Economy Week 2024 is here!

For us at Cirmar, every week is about the Circular Economy. To raise awareness and introduce the topic to a wider audience, the Dutch ‘Versnellingshuis‘ organises the Circular Economy Week from 11 to 16 March.

What and why?

Strictly speaking the Circular Economy Week is a Dutch affair, but the challenge we’re facing reaches far beyond our borders. To create an economy in which we produce and consume responsibly, without causing negative impact to the planet and its resources, change is needed. The Circular Economy Week puts this challenge in the spotlights for at least one week. Interested in taking part in the online or on-site activities? Follow this link to find the full programme.

When the dust settles

After this week, we will have to make sure business doesn’t continue ‘as usual’. That is why Cirmar continues to help companies take meaningful steps towards a circular economy. From circular concepts, strategies and products, all the way through to the application of our Digital Product Passport – C_passport®.

Want to get a head start on what circular progress can look like? Give our free trial a go, or get in touch to schedule a meeting. Together we can build a circular economy.

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