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Earth Overshoot Day – let’s move back the date.

Earth Overshoot Day – a somber reminder of how humanity’s demands on nature far exceed what our planet can regenerate – has arrived once again. Last year, the daunting milestone was reached on the 28th of July, signifying the depletion of regenerable resources. This year, we see a slight improvement, but it’s far from satisfactory as we still consume resources equivalent to 1.7 Earths per year.

While this might sound disheartening, there is hope on the horizon. Across the globe, many individuals and organisations are taking action to tackle this immense challenge. The Global Footprint Network, an international research organisation that started the initiative, asks companies to help move back the date. We are committed to doing our part, offering a powerful solution to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy – C_passport®.

C_passport®: the virtual ID.

With the Digital Product Passport, you can record material composition, emissions, end-of-use treatment, repair instructions, and more.

Consumers want transparency. Make sure you provide this by communicating the emissions associated with your products. For your own company, it serves as a benchmark for further improvements.

How does C_passport® help move back the date?

Promoting Circular Practices.

The Digital Product Passport empowers consumers to make informed choices, select longer-lasting products, and compare their environmental impact. It’s the circular economy in action, turning consumers into sustainability champions.

Extending Product Lifespan.

By offering repair and maintenance guidance, reverse logistics and disassembly instructions, companies can use C_passport® to we reduce premature disposals. Minimise waste generation, and conserve precious resources – say goodbye to the throwaway culture.

Sparking Eco-Innovation.

Cirmar passports foster collaboration among businesses, inspiring green designs, and eco-friendly production methods. Together, we pave the way for sustainable innovation.

Following up on promises.

‘Going green’ requires more than a plan to do better. It means you have to follow up on plans and promises. With C_passport®, you can quantify progress and communicate about your positive footprint both internally and towards customers.

Let’s join forces.

It’s clear that shifting to a circular economy is the way forward. Together, we can forge a path towards a more sustainable future, where Earth Overshoot Day becomes a distant memory. As we embark on this journey, let’s remember that every action, no matter how small, counts. So, let’s unite, armed with innovation, collaboration, and the will to protect our planet.

💚 Join us in the movement towards a sustainable future – let’s rewrite the narrative of our planet’s story. 🌍

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