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EU Commission: Digital Product Passports [DPP] are coming

Earlier this year the European Commission released the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) as part of the new Circular Economy package. This ESPR sets a Digital Product Passport as a key regulatory elementent to increase traceability of products and components. The regulation states that “the product passport means a set of data specific to a product that includes the information (specified in the delegated act) and that is accessible via electronic means through a data carrier”. 

A product passport should:

  • ensure that actors along the value chain, including consumers, economic operators, and competent national authorities, can access product information relevant to them.
  • Improve traceability of products along the value chain.
  • Facilitate the verification of product compliance by competent national authorities.
  • Include the necessary data attributes to enable the tracking of all substances of concern throughout the lifecycle of the products covered.

Cirmar hopes this will be seen as a call to action for all actors in supply chains across different sectors and offers a simple tech tool to enable companies that want to follow EU guidelines; C_passport®.

C_passport® is a digital product passport that offers all the features mentioned above and more. We invite you to learn more about C_passport® on our website.

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