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How to implement a scalable DPP?

That is the question we will answer with the Digital Product Passport expert group. Together with SRC System Integrators and GS1, Cirmar is hosting this expert group as part of‘s ShoppingTomorrow research programme. More than 30 member companies, throughout the supply chain, with a blueprint that the entire market can work with as a result.

The next step for the DPP

The Digital Product Passport is already here. Companies that want to make positive impact tangible, improve themselves and include their customers in this process are using it to accelerate the transition to circular. Now that legislation is also starting to knock on the door, it is important to get all companies that want and/or need to work with the DPP up and running. And that means scaling up by exchanging data in the chain.

The DPP as a basis for more sustainable choices

Therefore, with the DPP expert group, we describe and test how this tool helps companies and consumers make sustainable choices. Last Wednesday was the first expert group meeting. Thanks to the input of experts from across the chain, we now know exactly what we will be investigating in the coming months. An important job, with a bluepaper as a result, showing what companies need to do to comply with legislation. But much more importantly: how the DPP works in the chain and what you gain from it as a company and consumer. This is how we are going to accelerate the transition to a circular economy!

Stay tuned!

In the coming months, we are going to work hard on the bluepaper that we will present in October. We will do so within the expert group, of course, but we will keep anyone interested up to date with our developments. By sharing findings, gathering input and above all by continuing to build a scalable DPP together. This will enable companies and consumers to make even better sustainable choices. Together, we will make the transition to a circular economy!

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