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New features launched!

We are happy to be releasing new features that will improve your Cirmar experience. To ensure that you can make the most of them, this article contains everything you need to know about our latest release.

New impact scopes

What’s new?

We added two extra scopes to the impact calculations tab. This means you can now choose whether you want to communicate Cradle to Gate, Cradle to Grave, or our default scope: LCA+.

Every C_passport® contains the impact selector, which you can use to select the impact scope. Cirmar automatically calculates the corresponding impact-KPI’s.

How does it work?

When creating a C_passport®, the system will ask you to select an impact calculation scope. By default, this is Cirmar’s LCA+, or Cradle to Cradle – representing the impact of using all materials again in a next use cycle. You can also opt for one of the other scopes.

Visualisation of product assembly

What’s new?

You can now visualise the total product assembly of end products in C_passport®. The connected C_passports® were already visible in previous versions of the application, but it now shows the underlying assembly structure as well, including the amount of products and components.

How does it work?

Very simple: exactly the same as before! You select the products and components that make up an end product, and indicate how many of each have to be included. This is automatically visualised in C_passport®.

Better PDF exports

What’s new?

We improved our PDF export functionality. In some cases, you want to share a file containing all the relevant information recorded in a C_passport®. The existing feature has been updated and is ready to be used!

How does it work?

In C_passport®, you’ll find the download button right underneath the edit button. Push it and your browser adds it to your downloads in the shape of a PDF file.

Work behind the scenes

Besides the three features you just read about, we did a lot of work behind the scenes. Our growing client-base means we continuously improve our platform to ensure everything works smoothly and quickly. Everything in service of our common goal: accelerating the transition to a circular economy. Keep a close watch on our LinkedIn, or discover our webinars and explainers on Youtube. Together we can build a circular economy!

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