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The DPP: must haves, nice to haves and luxury problems.

What data is essential for the Digital Product Passport? And which data may we consider luxury problems? In other words, where are we going to focus our energy now? We covered this and much more in yet the third meeting of our expert group session DPP. In this study, part of’s ShoppingTomorrow programme, we explore what it takes to implement a scalable DPP.
Time for an update, here’s where we stand:
👉 We know who the DPP impacts (positively as well!).
👉 We have mapped out what role the DPP plays at each station in the supply chain.
👉 We mapped out which data are relevant to the DPP and prioritised them.

Besides peeling off the data points, there were also contributions from the expert group this time: Willemijn from evofenedex spoke as host about their connection to the DPP, how they serve their 10,000 members and what these trade and manufacturing companies are doing to shape the supply chain of the future.

Cirmar’s Frans gave an update on the three use cases we are developing in the coming months: 🧥 Textiles – Softshell jacket (a.o. with INTERSPORT Group and Decathlon )
💻 Electronics – Laptop (a.o. with Flex IT Distribution and HP)
🗜️🪟 DIY – glue clamp and customised window decoration (including Fetim Group, Intergamma, Hanshow and Zebra Technologies)

He also led an interactive session in which the expert group reflected on the question: how do we arrange ownership around the DPP? When millions of DPPs exist, which also converge into products, we do need to know how to deal with them. Paul from SRC System Integrators B.V. discussed one of the keys to the DPP: data exchange. How do other information systems exchange data? And what does this mean for the development of the DPP landscape? Kees from Wehkamp closed the evening with his contribution on data priorities and how we keep it practical. His key message: nothing is fixed (except when it comes to batteries).

🙏 Many thanks to Willemijn for the organisation at evofenedex. A beautiful location, good food and a very hospitable reception! Also to Roel and Maria from PwC for the energy which they put into chairing the expert group. Of course also to our co-hosts Mark, Michiel and Bram from GS1 Netherlands and Paul and Pieter from SRC. The expert group is too big to mention them all by name here, but again: thank you for your contributions and input!

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