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Webinar: Cirmar x SRC System Integrators

We organised a webinar together with SRC System Integrators in which we shared our common challenge: Connecting PIM systems with the Digital Product Passport to scale up. In this lunch webinar, we discussed what our solutions do, what the challenge entails and how we help customers turn this into an opportunity.

What is the DPP?

The Digital Product Passport connects physical products to digital information. With C_passport® – our Digital Product Passport – our customers generate insight into material composition, impact of products and more. Everything in service of the transition to a circular economy. It is not complicated to create hundreds of passports. But to do so even faster and simpler, we want to take the next step: connecting with other systems: using data as the key to the circular economy.

What is a Product Information Management (PIM) System?

Simply put: a system that lets you move from chaos to structure. More specific: a system that lets you organise product information and then use it for all kinds of applications. You want to store and manage your organisation’s data in a central location. PIM systems also connect to industry standards for data exchange. This allows you to link to other systems relatively easily.

Why are we connecting C_passport® and SRC-PIM?

So that we can use product information to make more sustainable choices. A lot of valuable information is recorded within a PIM system. You can use this data to create Digital Product Passports on a large scale. This makes it much easier to create passports for all your products. In turn, these passports are the ideal tool to gain insight into material use, find better end-use solutions, calculate impact and communicate all this to your end customer and the rest of the chain.

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