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EMMA Safety Footwear

Journey towards a circular safety shoe in a circular system

EMMA started developing a circular safety shoe in 2016. At the same time, this development was supported by circular systems, such as reverse logistics, disassembly and C_passport®. Scan the QR code in the tongue of a shoe and via the product page you will arrive at C_passport®.

Circular safety shoe in C_passport®

  • EMMA can report and communicate transparently the about 'the recipe' of its safety shoes, without revealing the secret to success.
  • The composition and impact of each model are known and it is described what should be done with the shoe after use
  • With C_dashboard®, EMMA can show the contribution to the realisation of the sustainable goals of itself and its customers

Following the process

From sole to shaft

When designing C_passports®, EMMA uses the actual structure of a shoe: components with underlying materials form the 'Product' layer, here respectively the superstructure and a sole configuration. These two products come together in an end product, the unique model from the collection.

All models come with a passport

The end product is the unique model that can be seen in the product range, with a name and article code. EMMA shoes have a QR code in the tongue. This code will take you to the product page of the relevant model and it will soon be linked to the public C_passport®.

Product level: semi-finished products

A shoe exists of a shaft and a sole, the top and bottom. Shafts are often unique to a particular model. That is why separate C_passports® have been made here for each type of shaft. In terms of the sole specs, passports are made for unique sole configurations for a specific model, as well as for sole configurations that can be used for multiple models.

Also for all components a passport

Because a component is often used in several semi-finished and end products, it was decided to make a separate C_passport® for each component. The underlying materials and associated weights are attached to the components. This way helps with efficient product management and saves time/ prevents errors. If a material is changed for a specific component, this change is immediately translated to the passports at product and end product level, to which the relevant component passport is connected.

Public passport connected

Every EMMA Safety Footwear shoe has a QR code on the inside of the tongue. This code can be scanned with a smartphone, after which the url of the product page of the relevant model becomes visible. On this page you will find the link to the public passport for the model. Cirmar users also choose to have the QR code or other identifier directly with the public version of C_passport® for the respective product.

A selection of several models can be made in C_dashboard®, for example to be able to choose together with customers the range that best meets the goals in the field of safety, walking comfort and sustainability/circularity. C_dashboard® can also be used to show a certain period. In this way, EMMA Safety Footwear can contribute to the sustainability reporting of its customers.

Long-term development; from past to future

With the specific attention EMMA pays to material use, they try to balance the three Ps, people, profit and planet. From its origins, more than 90 years ago, people with a special position in the labor market remain part of the EMMA family. With its sustainable and circular strategy, EMMA takes responsibility for her use of raw/auxiliary materials and the natural environment. In addition, EMMA can continue to invest in the future with a product that is as circular and profitable as possible.

Developing a safety shoe as circular as possible was and is a long journey that is not finished yet. There are still many steps EMMA wants to take, in for instance product design, at suppliers, in converting used shoes into new materials and products and in business operations. C_passport® and C_dashboard® provide valuable input to help EMMA do so. It mainly helps EMMA’s customers move forward, but she has certainly also been able to prepare her own company for the future and put it on the map.

Sustainable Development Goals
KPIs in C_passport® and C_dashboard® show the contribution to achieving the three SDGs selected by EMMA.
Circular Footwear Alliance
EMMA has co-initiated the Circular Footwear Alliance (CFA). CFA organises reverse logistics, dismantling and recovery of materials, supported by C_passport®.
Entire range circular
EMMA started developing a circular safety shoe in 2016. To end up with a product range that is entirely circularm it is important to acquire new knowledge step by step and translate this into the entire range.
Creating value
C_passport® guarantees value creation through circularity. Product and material value, but also business value, as EMMA gives substance to its sustainable ambitions.

Fabian Groven - EMMA Safety Footwear

Sustainability Manager

You can only take real sustainability steps based on data and insights. C_passport® is an important part of this. It not only helps EMMA in our sustainability journey, but also helps us support our customers and other stakeholders in achieving their sustainability goals.

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