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Cirmar’s new features: here’s what you need to know.

Cirmar’s new features make the application even more more organised, easier to use, and better at convincing your customers with C_passport®. In this article you will find all the possibilities that come with our latest update.  

Free trial

Are you curious to find out more about our tech tools? The best way to start is to go for our free trial. With full access to our tools you will learn how to use C_passport® and C_dashboard®. The Cirmar Assistant helps you take these steps with video’s explaining how to use our application.


A big change! When you log in to Cirmar, you will find an additional choice in the menu: the Cockpit. It is the control room of your account, from which you can easily navigate to relevante application and website areas. you will find:

  • Shortcuts to making all types of passports. You would usually decide whether a passport is a component, product, or end product in a later stage, but we created a shortcut from the cockpit. From here, you can create any type of passport.
  • The Cirmar Assistant Creating passports was already quite simple, but to give you an absolutely flying start, we added the Cirmar Assistant which gives you tips and tricks. Watch video’s in which we explain how it works and put your skills into practice. Complete all the steps and get to know our tech tools!
  • Sustainable Development Goals. They were already visible in C_passport®, but you will now find them in the cockpit as well. Keep track of what SDGs you’re supporting and show that you are on the right track.
  • Link to the FAQ. Do you have a question about sustainability, circularity, or our tech tools? From the cockpit, you can navigate to the FAQ-page in just one click.
  • Circular succes stories. Successes have to be shared, just like knowledge! That is why we added a link to Circular Stories, in which you will find news about digital product passports and the circular economy, as well as experiences from our other customers.
  • Ask our experts. We will always keep the door open to questions or challenges you might want to discuss with our experts. That is why you will find a link to our contact page in the cockpit. Together we will find a solution!

Nuanced end-of-use

The end-of-use treatment was already part of C_passport®, but you can now also nuance it. What that means? Products consisting of different components are not always fully recycled, refurbished or incinerated. Some components are suitable for recycling, others are not (yet). That is why you can now specify the end-of-use treatment per component or product, after which the system automatically calculates the exact split between recycling, refurbishment and incineration when assembling a product.

Passport groups

Via the ‘C_passport®’ menu item, you can now choose to either create a separate passport, or a passport group. You can then add previously created passports (end products) to that group. Especially with large quantities of passports in your account, this comes in handy!

Decimal use in assembly

When you create an endproduct, you can choose to use the material composition and derived impact from the underlying passports. To do so, you need to enter the assembly in the last step of passport creation. Previously, this could only be done in whole numbers. In the example above, we have specified the amount of fabric for a pair of work trousers. This way, you can enter the passports in clear units (e.g. m2) and you can specify exactly how much fabric you need for the trousers in the assembly.

Renewed website

You might have already noticed: we have refreshed our website! You navigate more easily through our pages and we have, for example, brought together news and use cases on Circular Stories. Get inspired and discover the possibilities of our tech tools!

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