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The Circular Economy at the Ministry

Cirmar visited the caretaker Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Water Management with a delegation from MVO Netherlands. What did we talk about? In a nutshell: the Circular Economy. These are the main topics that were discussed:

💶 Better, circular products are an economic opportunity. Yes, environmental impacts are relevant and should be factored in just as much, but for the transition to a circular economy to succeed, it must also make financial sense.

🤝 There are plenty of examples from the market showing that circular products work. The government can do even more to include the companies that are less motivated to take steps in this sustainable development as well.

🇪🇺 Legislation at the national level can put Dutch companies at a disadvantage. For instance, if they face international competition that does not have to adhere to the same high standard. It is therefore wise to make sure our national legislation is well aligned with European ones, such as the ESPR and the CSRD.

At the same time, we don’t have to wait for legislation. That is what we as a delegation – including Mark Groot Wassink of Royal Auping and Jan Arts of Allshoes Safety Footwear – also wanted to show. At Cirmar, we work with companies that are taking matters into their own hands and develop a circular business case step by step, taking their customers and the rest of the chain with them. We will continue to do so.

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